Why I Didn’t Visit The Taj Mahal

The “great” Taj Mahal. Some consider it the number one thing to do in India. I think it is no more than a big building, a beautiful one, no doubt about it, but is it overrated? Yes is it, totally overrated in my opinion.


1. Money $$$

The Taj Mahal, like many other tourist attractions in India offers different prices for foreigners and locals. I think that makes no sense at all and it’s just a way to exploit tourists. The worst is that the price difference is ridiculous, less than 1€ for locals and over 15€ for foreigners. Keep in mind that I’m traveling on a really low budget! And that not all tourists are rich, specially the ones who come from countries in development.


2. The Huge Queue

This is pretty self explanatory. The queue was humongous! 300 people or more were waiting to get in and it didn’t seem like it was moving fast… If you want to visit the Taj Mahal, try to go really early. That’s also the best time for photos.


3. It’s Just A Building…

I knew my life wouldn’t change because I saw a beautiful building. I would rather experience something great than to simply look at a big building. There is so much to see in nature and it is free of charge, so don’t be fooled into thinking beautiful things require a lot of money.


4. I Saw The Taj Mahal Anyway!

I went to a rooftop restaurant and enjoyed the view. Many local houses and the Taj Mahal at a distance, away from the crowds and the noise while savouring a warm cup of ginger tea.


I’m sorry if I sound too negative on this one but I just wanted to share my opinion. To me India is much more than the Taj Mahal. Actually, I would never visit India if the Taj Mahal was the best there was to experience. People are either putting Taj Mahal on a pedestal  or they forget about the amazing food, nature, music, art, history and the gazillion things you can do in India. But don’t worry! If you follow me on this adventure I will show you many sides of India you and I are still unaware of!

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