Selling Sangria On The Beach In Goa

Selling Sangria On the beach of Arambol(Goa) gave me enough cash to afford a shack one minute away from the ocean and food in delicious restaurants, while still being able to save a few bucks. 

All it took was a small first investment, a couple hours a day and a fridge. It was nice to “live for free” for a week, but the experience itself: approaching strangers, getting a lot of nice compliments and meeting new people was the best part of it. It all started with the beach market that goes on from around 4 to 9 in the afternoon, everyday of the week. Here many tourists sell food, jewelry, art, clothes, some people do massage, others may play chess for money, everything goes. Imagination is the limit and all you need to get started is to sit down, pay the 50 cent fee and start selling. Around the market there is a daily gathering for a drum circle, people meditating, locals selling roasted corn, coconut water and some people are even walking around with trays selling sandwiches, cake or samosa.


Arambol Sunset Beach Market

I didn’t feel very integrated in Arambol or Goa in general. It’s a really westernised state, not the best place to visit if you want to know real India. The ratio between locals and tourists is unbelievable and in the beach market, Russian and English are the main languages (yes there are thousands of Russians in Goa). With this being said the idea popped in my mind: “I can make drinks, no one is selling them… I should start selling Sangria!” (Spanish cocktail for those of you who don’t know). It’s easy to make, cheap and a lot of people like it.

It was time to turn thoughts into action. I bought a 5 liter cooler, a bunch of plastic cups, mint, cinnamon, sprite, fanta and the local port wine and I was ready to sell my Sangria. It was insane! In 20-30 minutes of walking on the beach and selling each cup for 40 rupees I was making around 700 (350 profit) which was enough to pay for my shack. Afterwards I would have to come back to my fridge, refill and sell another round for the same and that would be enough to pay for the food. It was such an amazing feeling walking out of the shack with 100 bucks in my pocket and coming back with almost two thousand (30€) in less than 3 hours.

The reactions of people were priceless. A lot of them didn’t know about it but they loved it and kept asking me for the recipe and a second round. I was feeling like a successful entrepreneur and after a few days I was making a reputation for myself. Every now and then in restaurants or on the streets strangers would recognize me and call me “The Sangria Guy”. On the beach, I used to ask everyone if they would like to try this refreshing cocktail, but later, people would wave their hands and they knew I would be there to pour them a glass of their new favorite drink.

Sometimes I would hang out with my “costumers”. I wasn’t in a rush, the point was to have fun! I ended up meeting some people who later joined me on my “business” and we even traveled together for around a week in Hampi and Goa. It was an amazing experience, but eventually I had to move on to explore different parts of Goa. I might do something similar or the same in the future, I’ll let you know, don’t worry. The lesson is: if you want to make money, do something you are good at, keep an eye open for opportunity and have fun, otherwise it’s not worth it.

 I hope you enjoyed this story! Let me know on the comments what crossed your mind while reading it, thank you guys/girls, see you on the next post!

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