Pushkar Part (3/3) — Adventure Time

Make sure you read Part 1 and Part 2

I ended up going for dinner with Narugi at a place called Lotus. It had a radiant view of the lake where we could enjoy a conversation, while admiring the shiny reflection of the moon on it.

I found a room for 3$ (without toilet) and I didn’t hesitate to opt for it. Big mistake! I think you’ve already heard enough about Indian street food to imagine what might happen next. There was no other toilet around and I couldn’t wait for much longer… I don’t want to go into details so I’ll explain it in two words… “Plastic” & “Bag”

Next morning I’m feeling great and I start by visiting the main temple. After lunch I met a couple and went for a walk with them until we discovered a big wheel, yes like those you would see in a theme park. The only difference is that this one was spinning at a speed that would do something​ to those on a full stomach. It was really that scary, unfortunately I don’t have footage of it because I lost my phone.

The couple went on a camel tour and since I don’t support activities that require animal sacrifice I started walking. I walked and walked in the direction of a big hill. This was a famous point for sunset and I wanted to climb it. From up there me and other dozen people could see the warm colors of sunset spreading through​ a long valley that leads to Pushkar. On the opposite side there was almost a full moon on the rise. The climb made me sweaty and tired, but it was definitely worth it. Exhausted but in tune with nature I was very happy to be in Pushkar. Such a small place, but with a lot to offer.


I was approached by an old man on my way back, who told me to come sit with him near the lake. This guy carried with him a tray containing a coconut, rice, flowers and spices. Long story short, this dude was spitting out the same bullsh*t he tells all other tourists about the magic powers of the lake and how it will bring good luck. It ended up in him asking me to repeat a Mantra in some language I could understand, until the Mantra turned into “I will give big donation, I will give big donation”.

I’m sure many of these eluded foreigners who think their lives will change because of the “magic of India” will give a very big donation. Anyway, the point here is, there are many gurus that have found ways to make life a more pleasant experiences through some practices, but none of these practices are making wishes to a river or giving donations. If someone on the spiritual path is asking you for money, I will definitely have some doubts about that person.

I wondered about what could make my visit to Pushkar even more interesting and one thought came to mind – “I should hitchhike to my next destination from here!”. And so it was. Next morning I get up and start hitchhiking to Bikaner, a not so touristy city more than 150 miles away from Pushkar. I was going to volunteer in a hotel/desert camp in hopes of learning more about the lifestyle of Rajasthan.

Thank you for reading guys. Feedback on the comments below is always appreciated!

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