Hi my name is Lucas I’m 20, from Portugal and this is my story:

I was in high school and had pretty good grades but I wasn’t sure about my future. Studying and studying for years just to get a job seemed like hell on earth, and it still does…

I tried following one of my passions: cooking, but I was very disappointed with the methods and approach they taught me, so I ended up quitting.

I knew I could have a career in the food industry and I have always been in love with Asian food.

After seeing a lot of bike touring travelers(cycling is also one of the things I love to do) going from Europe to Asia or North America to South America I became really inspired and decided that I could cycle to Asia, learn a lot about food, live the greatest days of my life and come back to Europe to open a food truck.

I worked in a bar, saved some money and was getting ready to start my trip. I was a bit worried about what to tell my family, that and the winter weather of Europe scared me, so I ended up not going.

A few months later a friend tells me about a party, it was actually a WWOOFing place and I ended up staying there for a month doing volunteer work. I met the most amazing people(all travelers) and from there I started my two months hitchhiking trip in Morocco.

After Morocco I flew to Germany, from there I hitchhiked back to Portugal and now 6 months in India and probably 6 more months in SEA.


My biggest objective here, is to make sure you have all the right resources needed to travel the world on your own and to inspire you to do something amazing with your life.

I want to give you many tips and tricks about traveling cheap, making the best out of your trips and living a life changing adventure.


Why am I traveling?


Because I want to see the world. I want to get out of my comfort zone, see amazing places, eat delicious foods, meet amazing people, make everlasting memories, keep on learning and living the most enthusiastic life I can.

Traveling changed the way i see the world, I quickly realised that life is wonderful when we are doing what we love.


Why Lucid Lucas?



1. easily understood

2. clear perception or understanding

3. shining or bright

I chose this name because it describes me well. I work towards being easily understood, having a clear perception and understanding of my surroundings, to become more enlightened and inspire, motivate and help you on your journey!