5 Life Lessons From Traveling Everyone Should Know


There is a lot to learn and those who travel learn the most. I want to share with you my most important life lessons from traveling the world on a low-budget.


1. The World Is A Safe Place

This is something all travelers can agree on. The media portrays the world as a really unsafe place with murder, rape and crime on a daily basis. The true is that there are a lot of good people out there willing to treat you with love. I’m not saying you can’t be robbed or that you don’t need to stay safe while traveling, I just want you to know that most parts of the world are safe and many strangers will help you out more often than not. I have been offered food and accommodation from complete strangers many times and it’s such an amazing feeling being treated so nicely by someone you just met.


2. Money Can’t Buy Happiness

We’ve all heard this one before, but let me tell you why I decided to include it in this list. When I visited my first third world country(Morocco) I met a lot of happy people.  Most of my friends, myself included, have many more material possessions, money and an easier life compared to them, but I have to admit it: they were living life more intensely and in a more enjoyable way.

The little things like not complaining, having meaningful conversations, eating and playing together, spending time in nature, savoring life intensely and being grateful do matter and the Moroccans amazed me by the way they lived their lives without having much money.


3. Don’t Believe What Others Tell You

This is obviously something you shouldn’t do 100% of the time, but you should be careful in who to trust. Even your family and friends can sometimes say really dumb stuff. When I went to Germany people told me to be careful, because Germans don’t like foreigners and sometimes they pretend to be your friends only to use you(ridiculous!). Don’t be fooled by stereotypes, the best way to know if something is true or not is to actually go there and see it for yourself.


4. There Is No Right Way To Live Life

It all depends on where you are from, your culture, family etc… I recommend you to do whatever you want as long as it is something that helps others and fulfills you. I was born in Europe where you are supposed to finish college, find a job and die. Since that’s not the lifestyle I want to have I decided not follow that path and choose one that I won’t regret when I am older. Don’t be the person society wants you to be! Be yourself! There is no cure for regret.

“Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Already Taken” – Oscar Wilde


5. Everything Seems More Difficult Than It Is

If you are on the edge of starting your next adventure but are faced with fear I challenge you to take that next step. I promise that once you get started you will begin to wonder why that fear was there in the first place. I wanted to cycle from Portugal to Barcelona and that seemed like a really crazy idea and I ended up quitting. A few months later I’m hitchhiking in Morocco and from Germany to Portugal and flying to India.

Now that I look back, cycling from Portugal to Barcelona seems too safe and boring for me now, I completely lost interest in that trip. I was also very scared of not knowing what to do when traveling solo and now it has become second nature and that’s what I’ve been doing for almost a year now.

These were the most important things traveling has taught me so far. If there is anything you agree/disagree with or want to add, feel free to do it on the comment section below. Looking forward to hearing your own lessons from traveling! Thank you for reading and have a great day.

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