Backpacking Hampi — Travel Guide

Hampi is one of the most impressive places I have been in my entire life. The epic boulders, temples, rice fields and rivers create the perfect scenery for countless unforgettable sunsets/sunrises seen from the many famous hilltops of this wonderland.


Hampi Monkey Temple

Sunrise From The Monkey Temple

A. What To Do


1- Watch the sunset/sunrise from one of the many hilltops.

The Monkey Temple; Mathanga Hill; Sunset/Jam Point(Hippie Island) are among my favorite places for a really nice view.

Mathanga Hill Hampi

Sunset From Mathanga Hill

Hsmpi Guide

Sunset From A Hill By The Huligi Gangavathi Road


2- Going for a swim in the reservoir and the waterfalls, or even jumping off a cliff.


Hampi Guide

Jumping From A Cliff At The “Waterfalls”

Sanapur Lake Hampi

Sanapur Lake

You could also go for a ride on one of these big coconut looking boats


3- Rent a bike and explore the beautiful landscape.

Hampi Lake

It’s definitely worth having some means of transportation in Hampi. The landscape around is breathtaking and with a bike/bicycle you will never be late for sunset.

Tungabhadra Hampi

Tungabhadra River(Far From The City)


4- Visit The Temples By TukTuk or Bicycle (Scooties not allowed)

For 500 rupees you can get access to many temples like the Lotus Mahal or the Vitally Temple, so you could make this a morning or afternoon tour. Rickshaws will charge you around 200 bucks for a tour to the temples.

Virupaksha Temple Hampi

Virupaksha Temple


5- Have Dinner While Watching A Movie

There are many restaurants on the Hippie Island that play movies at night. It’s a nice way to spend the night with friends while enjoying delicious foods. Veggie burgers, Falafel, Noodles, Indian food, they’ve got it all.

Aloo Gobi

Aloo Gobi(Potato & Cauliflower) with Garlic Naan(Bread)


6. Climb The Boulders (or Stairs)

There are some stands on the Hippie Island that offer climbing experiences. It may be expensive but if you are not on a budget it’s worth trying, specially in a place like Hampi.Hampi Monkey TempleThe Only “Climbing” I Did – Monkey Temple

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B. Where To Stay

I stayed close to the reservoir, at Rambo’s Guesthouse. Really cool place with awesome food, people, the prices are good and 5 minutes away from a refreshing swim in the lake. I met a lot of people there and we always went together on rides, for a swim, eat etc.. I wouldn’t worry too much about the location since everything is close by if you get a bike.Hampi can get busy so try to book in advance. If you want to save money and have a really different night, you could gather a group of friends and sleep on the boulders, like many others do.


C. How To Get There

I took a night bus from Goa(Mapusa) for 1100 rupees. Not something I was that happy to pay for after so many free train rides. You can also go by train to Hospet, the closest railway station.

Hampi Guide

My Bed In The Overnight Bus (That’s all I travel with – learn how)


Additional Info

  • Bikes are not allowed in the temple area.
  • Scooties cost 250-300/day and are better suited for 2 people.
  • You can cross the river to the Bazar by foot, depending on the season.
  • In the nearby towns you can find cheap tradicional food like Pani Puri(10 rupees) or Thali for 50-70.
  • As usual in most backpackers hubs there are also yoga classes.


I’m sure there is a lot more about Hampi I don’t know, so feel free to add missing info on the comments below. If you found this guide useful please let me know and help me share it on social media.

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