My First Day In India: Losing My Laptop & Getting Invited To A Wedding

After losing a flight to Kerala in Dubai and staying for 2 days in the airport I finally managed to book a flight to Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan.


First Day In India

Jaipur From Above

As soon as I left the airplane I was asked to fill in a form with my personal information. The pen I was given wasn’t working properly so that’s when I decided to reach in my laptop’s bag in an attempt to find one of my pens. But when I open my backpack… I didn’t want to believe what I was seeing. A feeling of emptiness as if my soul had left my body crawls through me and for a brief moment I refused to accept the reality destiny offered me. My computer wasn’t in my bag, nor in the airplane… I kind of freaked out for a while and the airport staff had no way to contact the Dubai airport… I needed an Indian number to access the airport’s wi-fi so my only hope was to meet with my couchsurfing host and ask him for help.

I took a bus to Amer on the outskirts of Jaipur, the town where I would meet with my host. During this ride I couldn’t stop thinking about my loss, but at the same time I didn’t want it to ruin my trip and after a while I realized of how grateful and cheerful I should be for the life I have instead of being worried about a piece of plastic. I actually forgot about it and started thinking positive. There was nothing I could do besides e-mailing Dubai so there was no need to worry. The bus stopped in Amer Fort and I was approached by a stranger. As I told him my story he said he knew my couchsurfing host and that he could help me out.

First Day In India

Amer Fort

I usually give people a chance so I accepted his generosity. This guy drove me on his bike to a nearby hotel where I was able to contact the Dubai airport through E-mail. He told me he could take me to my host’s house but that he would be working right now and that the only reason he hosts people is to get some money out of them. I told him that I still wanted to go to my host’s house regardless of what he said but he insisted that I should visit his elephant house and have lunch with his friends. This was my first taste of Indian food and chai(tea), I saw some big elephants and the guys ended up inviting me to a wedding later that night.

First Day In India

I really wanted to go to this wedding but maybe not today (weddings last several days in India). Still, the stranger I met took me to an outfit shop so that me and him could buy typical clothing for the event. I quickly noticed he was just pretending to buy something for himself and that the purpose of the visit to that shop was so that he could get a commission from my purchase. This guy introduced himself as a tour guide so I’m pretty sure he has done this to more tourists and that the shop owners already know the drill. I told him I was too tired to make a decision and that I wanted to meet with my couchsurfing host. So I asked him to show me the way. Turns out that the house was less than 1 minute away from the main road and my couchsurfing host had been waiting for me all day long and that he had wi-fi at home, unlike what the other guy told me.

Lesson: don’t let others be in control of your destiny, be the one in charge + if someone is talking shit about another person you are going to meet, that person sucks. I ended up having a quick chat with my host and going to bed super early because I was really really tired. That was my first day in India, if you would like to know what happens next you can follow/share on social media or subscribe to this blog so that you can get new posts directly on your inbox. Until next time people!

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  • Great story! What a crazy first day! People are always out to try where they might, funny trick ha! Keep writing 🙂

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