How To Become A Full-Time Traveler

You wish to explore the world? That’s awesome!


1.Getting ready

Before setting on your first adventure, you need to learn more about traveling. How to save enough money. Telling your family or boss about your plan. Everything that you need to do fall into this category.

I wouldn’t recommend planing or buying gear before you know what your friends, family or boss think about it. The more attention you put into these first steps the easier the whole process will be.



After you have to really committed to the idea of traveling you can start planning. It takes time and effort but if you follow my tips, you will end up with a solid and exiting plan that will get you pumped and ready to conquer the world.



Gear comes after planning because different trips require different equipment.

Knowing what to pack an how much is essential to guarantee your success on the road. The right gear makes travel easy and fun. Even if you are on a budget I would recommend investing some money on efficient gear that will last.


4.Budget Travel

The art of traveling with (almost) no money is something you need to educate yourself about if you plan on doing a long trip or if you don’t have a lot of funds.

It all comes down to how much money you spend on accommodation, food, transportation and leisure. Learn how to spend the least on these four categories and you can travel for even less than 10$/day.


5. Making the most of your trips

This one is not essential, but its always good to learn  more about, taking good travel photos, making friends while traveling, learning the local language etc.


So in what stage are you now? What do you need help with?