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How do you afford to travel for so long?

By traveling on a low-budget and choosing a tent over a five-star hotel room, local food over fine dining and hitchhiking instead of using public transportation. Here’s how to travel for less than 10€/Day. I also worked for 7 months straight while living with my mom, which allowed me to save enough money to travel long-term.


How can you travel with such a small bag?

My bag gets a lot of attention! It’s a 17L and it weighs about 10 pounds. That’s all I need to travel and trust me, most of you would highly benefit from traveling lighter. Check out my packing list for more details.


How many countries have you visited?

I have only visited 13 countries, but I believe this number has absolutely no significance. When I was hitchhiking from Germany to Portugal I visited 5 countries in a single day!The number of countries you visit can’t compare to the number of memories, friends and adventures you experience in those places.

I’m now in India and I plan on visiting 5-6 more countries in Asia this year.


For how long have you been traveling?

I left my hometown in March 2016 to volunteer through WWOOF on a self-sustainable farm. Afterwards I went to Morocco for 2 months followed by a trip to Germany for another 2 months. From September until now, I have travelled on the southwest coast of Portugal and Andalusia, Spain.

I started my 6 month backpacking trip in India on the 7th of December and I’m thinking of traveling to SEA afterwards, until 2018 perhaps.


What is your next adventure?

I’m currently traveling for 6 months in India and SEA might be next. I have always wanted to visit India, so this is one of my dreams becoming a reality. I want to explore the culture and learn as much I can during this 6 months, living every day as if it was my last.

Volunteering, hitchhiking, camping, hiking, cooking, meditating, are only some of the activities I plan on doing during my trip. You can follow me on Instagram for beautiful pictures and new updates on this trip or my Facebook page for India/Travel related content!


Is it safe for a woman to travel alone like that?

Yes! I know many women who like to travel by themselves while hitchhiking, camping and hiking. Not everyone is a pervert, murderer or a thief like the media wants you to believe. Iris Veldwijk from Mind Of A Hitchhiker is a perfect example of a solo female traveller who has been to 60+ countries and has hitchhiked in most of them, including Mexico, Turkey and Iran.

If you are not convinced you can always find a male traveling bud in travel companion groups. You can find them on Facebook, Couchsurfing and other travel related websites/forums.