Hi, I'm Lucas! I have been traveling the world for over a year with almost no money.

Let's learn how to travel for longer and cheaper like me!

Lucid Lucas
from high-school dropout, to full time traveler...


I had no idea I would leave home with a backpack at the age of 19.

Unfortunately we are always waiting for the right time to come, the perfect opportunity.

That’s not how it works and that’s why I want to teach you how to be proactive towards your traveling goals. 

Like most people, I’ve never loved the home to work routine. Actually, I never really liked the idea of spending my time as a teenager and a young adult studying, just to get a job.

After quitting high-school I started working as  a barman. I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life, but spending my money in something that I was not passionate about, was not on my list.

After hearing the story of a few co-workers that traveled to South East Asia during the off-season, I figured I could do the same for a few months and go back to my job afterwards.

I started educating myself about traveling through Youtube, other blogs and websites. I came across a topic that I never knew existed, called budget-traveling.

It seemed to good to be true, but the more I learned about it, the more I wanted to do it. 

I was now convinced that I wasn’t going back to my job and that I would travel on my bicycle around Europe. Months passed by and my fear of the unknown stopped me from achieving my goal.

I didn’t know what to tell my family, how to deal with loneliness, how to survive the winter in Europe among a lot of other small, but important details.

I waited for the summer and just a few days before my boss called me, inquiring about my availability I came across something that changed my life forever.

My friends discovered a volunteering community that hosts a party every Friday, and so, they invited me and we all went together.

I ended up volunteering here for over a month and after interacting with so many travelers I learned even more about traveling and I wasn’t afraid anymore. 

It all seems strange when you are the only one doing it. But here, traveling the world was the main topic of conversation which made it seem like something that is easily achievable.

It is indeed something really easy, that most people could do and that’s why I started this website. I want to help other people overcome their fears and start living their travel dreams.

I consider myself lucky. Who knows where I would be if I had never found that community, or if I was still studying in college.

Conclusion: Take control of your life. If you have a goal, dream, objective start working on that direction today. Nothing is impossible and everything seems more difficult before you do it.